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Fall TV Schedule

There are too many shows to watch this fall!

Monday at 7pm Terra Nova(Fox) How I Met Your Mother (CBS)

7:30pm 2 Broke Girls(CBS)

8pm Two and a Half Men (CBS)

Tuesday at 7pm Glee(Fox)

8pm New Girl (Fox)

8:30pm Raising Hope(Fox)

Wednesday 7pm The X Factor(Fox)

9pm Revenge (ABC)

Thursday at 7pm X Factor Results(Fox) The Big Bang Theory (CBS) Community (NBC)

7:30pm How to Be a Gentleman (CBS) Parks and Rec (NBC)

8pm The Office (NBC)

8:30pm Whitney (NBC)

Friday    7:30pm Thundercats (Cartoon Network)

     8pm Supernatural (CW)

Mondays and Thursdays are having issues :/

And it looks like Fox or CBS is the dominator this fall

Looks Like the X Factor is a non issue

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